• Best Practices

    The interview summaries below were conducted with principals using robust site budget processes and are successfully engaging parents and community around the school budget and academic priorities.  These interviews are intended to provide insights and suggested practices that support engagement and transparency around the school budget, increase parent engagement and understanding, and support data-based budget priority setting. 
    See the school profiles below to learn from principals utilizing budget development best practices:

    • Interview with Principal Rosemarie Martinez of Academic Leadership Community
    • Interview with Principal Luz Cotto of Carver Middle School
    • Interview with Principals Hugo Carlos and Tommy Welch of Central Region Middle Schools
    • Interview with Principal Eugene Hernandez of Frank Del Olmo Elementary
    • Interview with Principal Gerardo Loera of Polytechnic Senior High
    • Interview with Principal Richard Chavez of Santee Education Complex
    • Interview with Principal Eric Davidson of University High School
    • Interview with Principal Yvonne Garrison Edwards of Foshay Learning Center