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  • lausd email retention policy LAUSD is implementing a Districtwide two-year Email Retention Policy as recommended by the 2014 Email Retention Task Force, extending the current one-year retention period. The two-year retention period allows the District to retain records for a reasonable amount of time and to comply with Public Records Act requests without being unduly burdened. Exceptions are allowed for those needing to retain records for a longer time period. 


    By the end of policy implementation, LAUSD will enforce a two-year minimum retention for all email. Email from the last two years will be preserved and accessible to the District even if the end user deletes the email from their inbox. Users will be allowed to tag any of their emails with a four-year or seven-year retention, and holds can be placed on any email to support any legal action or regulatory audit. Unless tagged or placed on a legal hold, emails older than 2 years will automatically be deleted. 


    The policy’s objectives are to enable the District to:

    • Preserve information valuable to the District.
    • Conduct District business in a cost-effective manner.
    • Protect confidentiality and privileges.
    • Improve operational efficiency.