• Email Retention Initiative - Exemption Process
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  • About the Exemption Process

    The District's Email Retention Policy will delete emails that are not on hold and have not been tagged with a longer retention after two years.
    The Email Retention Exemption Process has been put in place to ensure that District employees who may have retention requirements beyond 7 years can preserve their emails to meet those obligations. This process is designed to identify records that may currently reside in emails, suspend their automatic deletion and ultimately find alternative solutions for their storage and retrieval where they can be better accessed and managed by the District.


    In order to complete an exemption request, the following is required:
    • A description of the emails that need a longer retention
      This includes any information that helps distinguish these email from the others in the inbox, such as having a specific sender, receiver, subject line, keyword, or time frame

    • The proposed retention period for the exempted emails
      This can be a specific number of years, or a time connected to a triggering event such as completion of an audit, sale of property, or close of project.
    • The reason for the longer retention period
      If the retention is required by a specific law or regulation, the citation, or describe the circumstances such as an audit expected for a multi-year program.

    • Approval from your supervisor or principal
      This is required to both confirm that the exemption is required and also identify if the exemption would apply to other employees in similar roles