Register for Training

  • Please contact your Local District ITS for information about trainings available. The sessions available are:
    • Edgenuity 101 (4 hours)
    • Edgenuity Power-Speak (1 hour)
    • Edgenuity Site Coordinator Training (1 hour)
    • Edgenuity Mentor Training- for Virtual Courses (2 hours)
    • Edgenuity Supervising Mentor Training (1 hour)

    Calendar of availability for Edgenuity PD offerings can be found here. To schedule training at your school site, click here.


    • Apex 101 (4 hours)
    • Apex 102 (4 hours)
    • Apex Site Coordinator (1 hour)
    • Apex Mentor Training- for Virtual Courses (1 hour)
    • Apex Supvervising Mentor (1 hour)
    Important Notes:
    • Schools offering courses from both vendors must attend each provider's training session(s).
    • School site principals need to submit their Site Coordinator (Blended Implementation) and/or Supervising Mentors (Virtual Implementation) selections at:
    • As with any other “A-G” approved course, prior to enrolling a student in a course, schools must first ensure that the online course(s) being offered appears on their UC “A-G” approved list which is located on the Course Management Portal. 

Online Learning Contacts for Each Region