How to Control Your Section Menu Manually

One of the great features of Centricity is that when pages are added, deleted, or sorted on a section, the changes are automatically reflected in the section menu on the front end. This makes managing a website section very easy and painless. However, there may be times when you want to take direct control over how your menu behaves. For examples, you may want to have an expandable menu in which only the “child” menu items are linkable and the “parent” menu item does not link to a page but just controls the expand/collapse of the child menu. Or, maybe you want a link to page that is password protected to show up even when the user is not logged in.

To take direct control over your menu, you should use a feature called Classic Hierarchy Navigation. In order to take advantage of this feature, ask a member of the Web Services team to enable Classic Hierarchy Navigation for your section. Once this is done, follow the steps below to set up and update your menu:
  1. From your section workspace, click on the Tools tab on the top.
  2. Select Classic Hierarchy Navigation near the bottom.
  3. This is your new menu workspace. You can manually control the order and which menu item links to where, just as you would in a site shortcuts app.
  4. To have a parent menu item not link to anything, simply leave the Web Address space blank. The menu item will show up on your menu but will not link to anything.
  5. List a menu item to a password protected page by including it as a link as you normally would and have it point to the page. The item will show on your menu even when users are not logged in.
For assistance with using Classic Hierarchy Navigation, contact the Web Services Team