Add Learning Objectives to External Tools

Posted by Antonio Hernandez on 7/10/2020

Teachers can now align learning objectives to any External Tool in course materials. Teachers can align Common Core, State Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, or Custom Learning Objectives for elementary schools.

To align an external tool:

  1. Select Add Materials > Add File/Link/External Tool
  2. Select External Tool

Add Materials    External Tool

*Notice the new Learning Objective section.

  1. Select the Align button
  2. Follow the learning objective alignment workflow to align one or more learning objectives to the External Tool. For elementary teachers, refer to the video on creating assignments.
  3. Select Submit to create the new External Tool material. The aligned learning objectives appear in the course material view under the assignment title.

External Tool edit

It is important to note that scores for an External Tool will be distributed across all learning objectives aligned to the External Tool material. Scores are not able to be applied differently to each aligned objective.