Co-teacher Phase 2 Update

Posted by ANTONIO HERNANDEZ on 7/31/2023

We are excited to announce a new feature that will simplify the process of accessing digital content through our Learning Management System (LMS), Schoology. Beginning August 2023, when a co-teacher is added through MiSiS Master Scheduling, they will automatically get access to core digital applications being used by the roster-carrying teacher. This means that co-teachers will no longer need to request access to individual applications, saving valuable time for everyone. The availability of core content applications will be phased in gradually, meaning that not all applications will be available on day one.

Additional communication will be sent out to ensure that everyone is informed before this feature goes live. This will include a list of core applications that will be available in the first release. Please note that there will be multiple releases for Phase 2 of this project. 

This new feature will enhance your digital learning experience and make it easier to collaborate with your co-teachers. Visit our FAQ document for more information.

If the co-teacher requires additional access to the course, apply for a higher Schoology role through oneAccess at Please refer to REF-098500, Attachment B, for a list of available roles.