Got Extra Credit?

Posted by The PLS Tema on 10/25/2017


Tip of the Week Got Extra Credit? Consider extra credit as an opportunity to encourage activities that not only effect our students’ academic achievement, but also positively impact other facets of their diversified lives. Consider adopting and offering extra credit in courses:

If learning is the goal and students haven’t learned important content, extra credit offers a second chance to master the material. Not all students “get it” the first-time learning.

It reduces student anxiety and builds confidence of mastering content.
Students are motivated to do extra credit, so why not capitalize on this motivation by creating a robust learning opportunity.

Schoology and its gradebook offers solutions to applying extra credit to assignments or grading columns thus providing students the ability to master course content a second or third time around. Please check out the informational sheet on extra credit to assist your development of assignments or grade columns in your gradebook.