Parent Engagement through Schoology Offers Parents benefits

Posted by PLS Team on 9/20/2017

The LAUSD PASSport provides all parents access to essential student data that will better support their child’s academic achievement. Parents need to have a PASSport account in order to view the Schoology parent portal. For Schoology parent support please see the following links:


Presentation: Getting Started  
  English      Spanish

Viewing Student Grades  
   English       Spanish

Presentation: Exploring Schoology 
  English      Spanish

Linking Students   
   English       Spanish

Parent Registration Quick Guide   
  English      Spanish

Schoology from Passport  
   English       Spanish

Change PASSport Email  
  English      Spanish

Toggle Student Views   
   English       Spanish

Change Language   
   English      Spanish


For additional resources, please visit the PCSS website.