Cyber Security Alert 2022-02

Cyber Security Alert 2022-02

New QR Code Scams

As QR codes increase in popularity, QR code fraud has also risen dramatically. Be vigilant against suspicious QR codes that could lead to malicious websites. 

  • Think before you scan – Be wary against blank QR codes posted in public places. If you don’t know where the QR code will take you, don’t scan it. 
  • Protect yourself from malware – Fraudulent QR codes may contain malware that download onto your phone when you open the link. 
  • Preview the code’s URL – Many smartphone cameras will give you a preview of a code’s URL when you scan it. If the URL looks strange, don’t open the link.
  • Keep your personal information safe – If the website looks suspicious, don’t input your personal or financial information.

If you believe your LAUSD data was compromised, contact ITD Helpdesk at 213-241-5200.

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