Overwhelming your viewers

Having a Website Doesn’t Have to Be Overwhelming!!

Let’s just get this out of the way right now – if your website isn’t getting you clients it’s not your fault!

If you’re like most people the website advice you’ve been given has come from your peers, your teachers or by marketing gurus. Their advice could be useful. But there could also be problems with their advice as well:

  • It’s likely your peers aren’t getting clients online either. So even if their advice sounds good, it’s not working for them so why would it work for you? And if they are getting results, it doesn’t mean their way will work for you.
  • The people you’ve trained with already have established businesses. In most cases they would have a steady flow of students without a website at all. So their advice, while well intended, doesn’t match with what you need.
  • Marketing gurus are usually selling a program. Their program might be excellent. But it wasn’t written specifically for you. And to get results you need that one-on-one marketing approach that works just for you.

What you really need is someone who can help you from where you – with your needs, your wants, your likes, your abilities, your fears, your overwhelm. Someone who can guide you through the , simplify the complexities and reduce the overwhelm. Someone who can meet you where you are and help you take a few steps forward – at your own pace.