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Download the LASAR mobile app

Los Angeles Unified has announced the Los Angeles Schools Anonymous Reporting (LASAR) mobile application. The app enables the Los Angeles school community to anonymously report instances of suspicious activity, mental health incidents, drug consumption, drug trafficking, vandalism and safety issues from a smartphone to ensure student safety. 

The app allows students or families to anonymously report a non-emergency event and provide the location of the incident for which the Los Angeles School Police Department (LASPD) will respond in partnership with Psychiatric Social Workers (PSW), other mental health support and the law enforcement agency should the incident rise to that level. Users have the option of providing brief contact information for the LASPD to follow up if additional details are needed.

Along with fentanyl and other instances of drug use, the Los Angeles school community can also report other issues including threats of a school attack, psychological distress, suicidal ideation, weapons or dangerous objects, vandalism and other non-emergency safety issues.

Students and families can download the LASAR app by visiting the Apple app store or Android app store and searching “Los Angeles Unified LASAR.”