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Los Angeles Unified Board of Education Unanimously Approves Contract with UTLA (01-29-19)

Los Angeles Unified Board of Education Unanimously Approves Contract with UTLA

Los Angeles Unified Reaches Agreement with All Labor Bargaining Units

Today the Los Angeles Unified Board of Education voted unanimously (6-0) to approve the new contract with United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) that provides a 6% salary increase for educators, reduces class sizes and adds a significant number of librarians, counselors and nurses.

“We are at an historic moment to start addressing these issues, together with our labor partners,” said Superintendent Austin Beutner. “This contract is not the end; it’s the beginning.”

As part of its oversight of Los Angeles Unified, the Los Angeles County Office of Education approved the contract, but has released a letter underscoring the need for Los Angeles Unified to, “implement significant expenditure reductions and/or revenue enhancements that would stabilize the District’s financial position.”

“Congratulations to UTLA, Superintendent Beutner and the negotiation teams,” Board President Mónica García said. “We know our children need us to all work together to demand more from ourselves, each other and California, as we continue to stand with our students, teachers, families and community.”

"I want to thank everyone whose hard work led to this agreement, which balances our desire to put kids first and make responsible financial decisions,” Board Vice President Nick Melvoin said. “I hope the passion that has awoken this city to the issues that plague our public schools continues, because we owe it to our teachers and our kids to keep fighting so we can give them everything they need to succeed."

“This contract resolution signals the important return of our teachers to the classroom where they can continue to focus on educating our students,” Board Member Dr. George J. McKenna III said. “That is where they belong and what matters most.”

“Our teachers are the foundation of our mission to provide a quality public education and opportunity for every child that passes through our school gates,” Board Member Scott M. Schmerelson said. “I believe that the contract we approved today goes a long way to provide the fair compensation and respect our teachers have earned and improved learning environments our students deserve.”

“This agreement makes critical investments to raise teachers’ salaries, reduce class size, and bring additional staff to our schools,” Board Member Kelly Gonez said. “Let’s keep up the momentum we saw across the city to work together for increased public education funding at the state and local levels.”

“I am happy that we have settled our labor issues with UTLA and we can together move forward in getting our students the educational support they need, and our teachers the support they need to get the job done,” Board Member Dr. Richard Vladovic said. “I’m very pleased for the children of this District and for our employees. It’s a good time for us to work together to pursue adequate funding from the state.”

Below are the details of the contract: 

Los Angeles Unified School District Contract with UTLA




Salary Raises

6% increase

- 3% in 2017-18

- 3% in 2018-19


Increase in nursing services in every school

150 (2019-20)

150 (2020-21)


Increase in library services in every secondary schools

41 (2019-20)

41 (2020-21)


In Secondary Schools

17 (2019-20)

0 (2020-21)

60 (2021-22)

Class Size Reduction

In Grade 4-12

-1 in 2019-20

-1 in 2020-21

-2 in 2021-22

-Additional reduction of two students at 75 elementary and 15 middle schools with high needs

Investment in Nurses, Librarians, Counselors and Class Size Reduction

$175 Million (2019-21)

$228 Million (2021-22)

The new contract no longer has Section 1.5 of the contract.

Los Angeles Unified established a Memorandum of Understanding to allow additional schools to apply to become Community Schools. The Community Schools will receive $350,000 in additional funding and have more autonomy over decision making.

Los Angeles Unified and UTLA have also agreed to work together through joint committees that would provide recommendations on: 

  • Pay equity across adult, early education, Regional Occupational Centers/Regional Occupational Program. 
  • Green space on campuses. 
  • Ethnic studies.