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Los Angeles Unified School District and Teamsters Local 572 Finalize Labor Contract (11-13-18)

LOS ANGELES (Nov. 13, 2018) – The Los Angeles Unified School District and Teamsters Local 572 finalized a labor contract today for 2017-2020 featuring a 6 percent salary increase for members. 

This three-year contract covers approximately 3,250 members representing Los Angeles Unified’s food service managers, school administrative assistants, area bus supervisors and plant managers.

“The Teamsters are dedicated employees who work every day to ensure our schools are safe and welcoming learning environments,” Superintendent Austin Beutner said. “We appreciate the Teamsters’ commitment to working with L.A. Unified on a joint effort in Sacramento to increase funding for public education.”

The agreement features a 6 percent salary increase that includes a 3 percent retroactive increase for 2017-18 and another 3 percent in 2018-19.

“We are proud to have reached an agreement with L.A. Unified that recognizes the hard work and dedication of our members,” said Teamsters Local 572 Secretary-Treasurer Rick Middleton. “We could not have done so without the negotiation committee and the support of our members.”

L.A. Unified has now reached agreements with SEIU Local 99, AALA, CSEA, and the Teamsters, representing about 65 percent of the District’s workforce. These agreements all include salary increases totaling about 6 percent.

“Congratulations to Teamsters Local 572 and the L.A. Unified labor negotiations team on reaching an agreement,” said Board President Mónica García. “Every agreement with our labor partners is a movement toward educational wellness, economic recovery and investment in our schools and students. We thank every employee for their continued dedication and contribution to our students’ achievement.” 

“I'm grateful for the daily service of our plant managers, cafeteria managers, bus supervisors and all the employees who ensure that their services operate smoothly to get students to and from school, provide them meals, and keep their campuses clean,” said Board Vice President Nick Melvoin. “We appreciate the Teamsters’ partnership in our effort to increase State funding so we can provide our employees with all the resources they need to continue working hard for our kids.”

“The Teamsters represent many thousands of dedicated employees who ensure our students arrive safely to school, receive nutritious meals and have a clean and safe place to learn,” said Board Member Dr. George J. McKenna III. “I applaud this board and the Teamsters for coming to a mutually beneficial agreement that will allow teaching and learning to continue in our schools.”

“As I visit my schools on a weekly basis, I have seen firsthand how our school administrative assistants, cafeteria managers, plant managers and bus supervisors work tirelessly every day to make our schools a welcoming and safe learning environment for students, families and community members,” said Board Member Scott M. Schmerelson. “When we say that it takes a village to educate and support our students, it really is true. This agreement is a testament that the District truly values the hard work and commitment of all our Teamsters members.”

“I’m glad to approve this new contract that recognizes our Teamsters’ valuable contributions to our schools and our District,” said Board Member Kelly Gonez. “Thanks to our Teamsters for their continued partnership. I’m looking forward to continued collaboration.”

“I am really happy for coming to terms on a fiscally responsible agreement that works for both the membership and for the District,” said Board Member Dr. Richard Vladovic.