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Joint Statement from Los Angeles Unified Superintendent Alberto M. Carvalho and Board President Jackie Goldberg (06-18-24)

Thank you to the budget team for today’s presentation outlining our District priorities.


We are at a critical moment in education. With pandemic relief funds expiring, declining enrollment and the harsh realities of a state budget crisis, districts all across California are having to make tough choices. Yet, despite these challenges, we’re confident that we can withstand these financial pressures while prioritizing student success and the stability of our vital workforce.


This forthcoming budget will invest in employees, prevent layoffs, provide health and welfare benefits for employees, retirees and their qualified dependents, align funds to our Strategic Plan Priorities and empower student achievement while ensuring an equitable distribution of resources.


Through our diligent and prudent planning, we will rise to the occasion and continue providing a world-class education to the future leaders of our world.