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Los Angeles Unified Board of Education Approves Recognition of November as Homeless Youth Awareness Month

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Nov. 15, 2023


Los Angeles Unified Board of Education Approves Recognition of November as Homeless Youth Awareness Month


Los Angeles, CA (Nov.15, 2023) – Yesterday, the Los Angeles Unified Board of Education approved the recognition of November as Homeless Youth Awareness Month. The District pledges to recognize the unique challenges of youth experiencing homelessness and commits to increase awareness of the issues impacting housing insecure students. Additionally, the District will continue to support and explore programs, partnerships and legislation that combat homelessness and remove barriers to success for homeless youth.


The resolution was authored by Board Member Dr. George J. McKenna III and co-sponsored by all board members in attendance.


“Schools can play a major role in supporting homeless youth, from providing meals to referrals to much needed resources in areas including housing and mental and physical health”, Board Member McKenna said. “Through the District’s Homeless Education Office, we’re able to help to provide assistance to homeless students and families and maximize access to educational, social and enrichment programs to promote student achievement.”


“From last year to this year, the percentage of students experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles has increased significantly,” Superintendent Alberto M. Carvalho said. “This is simply unacceptable, and we must continue to aggressively partner with our municipal leaders and others to find solutions for what has become a crisis in our community. I have experienced firsthand the transformational power of education and we will spare no effort in providing supports, resources and opportunities for our most vulnerable students all year long.”


“It is a crime that there is a housing crisis so severe in this region that even our children are experiencing homelessness,” Board President Jackie Goldberg said. “This resolution affirms our responsibility for these most vulnerable students in our District, and calls us to do everything we can to support them and their families.”



“Statistics show that the poverty rate is rising, particularly among young children in Los Angeles,” Board Vice President Scott M. Schmerelson said. “This is why, with great urgency, I am co-sponsoring this resolution, to help recognize the struggles of families in Los Angeles. While the circumstances may be difficult, we want to remind our students and their families that if you have a housing issue, Los Angeles Unified has resources to help in these challenging times.”


“The unique challenges facing homeless youth allows us to highlight available services and bring appropriate support and interventions,” Board Member Dr. Rocío Rivas said. “We are here for all students, from early education to high school, and continuing adult education that links students with sustaining work opportunities.” 


“I’m glad that we are bringing awareness to the unique challenges faced by our unhoused students,” Board Member Nick Melvoin said. “As we commit to building more affordable housing to ensure that everyone in our school communities has a stable and safe place to call home, we must also continue to provide more of the necessary social services that help our kids learn and thrive.”


“Homelessness continues to be one of the most significant challenges facing Los Angeles, and it has a significant impact on our young people,” Board Member Kelly Gonez said. “By coming together as a community around this issue, we can help spread awareness and make a real difference in the lives of our students and families. Let's make November a month of compassion, advocacy, and positive change for our students experiencing homelessness.”


“Caring for our youth is at the heart of our community’s strength,” Board Member Tanya Ortiz Franklin said. “This month, we come together to elevate awareness of youth homelessness so that we can foster understanding and advocate for sustainable solutions to ensure no young person navigates the journey of life without a stable place to call home.”