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Los Angeles Unified Unveils New Website Address (06-30-23)

CONTACT: Jonathan Fu 

June 30, 2023

Los Angeles Unified Unveils New Website Address Will Serve as the District’s New Digital Home for Information and Updates

Los Angeles, CA (June 30, 2023) – On July 1, Los Angeles Unified will transition to as the District’s new digital home, bringing cohesion to the District’s online presence and improving accessibility for families and school communities. will serve as the District’s new primary web address, replacing all legacy links with a shorter, more streamlined name.

While this transition is underway, Los Angeles Unified families can continue to use legacy web addresses to access District news, information and services. The District will automatically redirect all legacy links to reflect the new address.

In addition, select Los Angeles Unified schools will also make the transition to Participating schools will feature a redesigned website, with an improved design and user-centric features developed natively for desktop and mobile browsers. Schools undergoing this transition will also feature a shortened address, making it easier for families to find their school of choice.

While this transition will impact the District’s website presence, access to student and employee District online services will remain the same. Students and employees are encouraged to continue using their respective and logins to access District email and online services.

To learn more, please visit

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