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An Overview About Los Angeles Unified’s $4.9 Billion in Reserves

An Overview About Los Angeles Unified’s $4.9 Billion in Reserves 

Our reserves have little flexibility. This has been confirmed by an independent auditor (January 24, 2023). These reserves are intended to support critical student services that increase equitable access to learning. Many of these reserves are one-time funds from COVID relief. 

These dollars are:

  • State and federal dollars that, legally, can only be used for student services such as after school programming and learning recovery
  • Funding to support the District’s highest need schools and students, per District policies and priorities 
  • State required General Fund reserves (2% of total budget)
  • Inventory of prepaid items such as school supplies

The District is doing everything within its power to support our invaluable staff while being fiscally responsible. 

Type of Ending Balance


Total Balance


Inventories and prepaid items.



Resources subject to legally enforceable constraints imposed by grantors or by law. 

For example, the Expanded Learning Opportunities Program (ELOP) must follow certain parameters for enrichment and academic supports outside of the school day.



Resources constrained by limitations self-imposed by the District’s Board. 

For example, the Student Equity Needs Index (SENI) fund, established to increase equitable and flexible allocations to the District’s highest need schools, must be allocated at the school site level.



Resources intended to be used for specific purposes. 

For example, the unspent funds that schools carry over to the following school year.


State Required Reserve for Economic Uncertainty 

State requirement to reserve 2% of General Fund expenditures and other financing uses. The District is not permitted to reserve any less than this amount, and the funds are only available for emergency use. 


Unassigned - Undesignated

Funds not designated, committed, or restricted; these funds can be used at the District’s discretion.