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Statement From Los Angeles Unified Superintendent Alberto M. Carvalho (03-21-23)

We remain ready to return to negotiations with SEIU Local 99 so we can provide an equitable contract to our hardworking employees and get our students back in classrooms.


I understand our employees’ frustration that has been brewing, not just for a couple of years, but probably for decades. And it is on the basis of recognizing historic inequities that we have put on the table a historic proposal. This offer addresses the needs and concerns from the union, while also remaining fiscally responsible and keeping the District in a financially stable position.


Even in the most difficult of circumstances our teams are ready and willing to support our students. Thanks to our incredible employees and volunteers who are on the frontlines providing nourishing meals and other critical services to families.


Rain will not deter our teams from providing students with meals. When more than 75% of the kids in our community live at or below the poverty levels, meals are a critical service schools provide. Closures are detrimental not only for academics but also for health and social emotional support.