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Statement from Los Angeles Unified (03-19-23)


March 19, 2023

Statement from Los Angeles Unified 


Los Angeles, CA (March 19, 2023) – PERB has denied Los Angeles Unified’s request for injunctive relief, without prejudice, because the PERB Board did not find the extraordinary remedy of seeking injunctive relief to be met at this juncture. However, the PERB Board has directed their Office of General Counsel (“OGC”) to expedite the processing of the District’s underlying unfair practice charge against SEIU Local 99, which alleged that SEIU and its members are engaging in an unlawful 3-day strike. 

Contrary to SEIU’s assertions, the PERB OGC has not made a decision on Los Angeles Unified’s unfair practice charge regarding the alleged illegality of SEIU’s strike, and the District expects a decision from the PERB OGC as soon as Monday morning given the expedited processing direction from the PERB Board.  

We continue to prepare for the unfortunate reality of school closures and remain available to negotiate a resolution to the outstanding issues, which we believe could be resolved if both sides entered into good faith discussions between now and Tuesday.