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Public Education is a Shared Responsibility: Los Angeles Unified Announces Everyone Mentors LA, A New Initiative for the Los Angeles Community to Pay it Forward (2-3-23)

Los Angeles, CA (Feb. 3, 2023) – Los Angeles Unified today announced a new mentoring initiative, Everyone Mentors LA, that will invest in the lives of historically underserved students to ensure every student graduates Ready for the World. The new initiative will match students contending with declining grades, chronic absenteeism, social emotional support and other challenges that have inhibited their academic success with a mentor from the Los Angeles community.


“If every student had a mentor, coach or advocate, they would succeed,” Superintendent Alberto M. Carvalho said. “Time and again research demonstrates the positive benefits a mentor can have on students. I’m thrilled Los Angeles Unified is announcing Everyone Mentors LA which will have an immediate impact on the students who need it the most.”


Mentoring provides students with a positive adult role model who is an objective observer, an encouragement, good listener and a beneficial companion. A mentor demonstrates to a child that he or she is important. Through mentoring, students increase grade point averages, test scores and attendance, are less likely to use illegal drugs and alcohol, demonstrate better social skills and adaptation to school and develop positive interactions and self-esteem. In other words, the benefits of mentoring are innumerable to student development.


As the name indicates, Los Angeles Unified believes public education is a collective good and the shared responsibility of the community. The city, state, country and world benefit when students succeed because they are tomorrow’s problem solvers and changemakers, seeking to solve climate change, develop the cure for cancer, discover the next renewable energy that will sustain creation and promote peace within the global community. Consequently, the District is announcing Everyone Mentors LA so every individual and organization has the opportunity to pay it forward in the lives of our students.


“Every additional adult in a student’s life is beneficial,” Board President Jackie Goldberg said. “An adult who can focus on the academic and social emotional well-being of a student is a gift that keeps on giving. I’m thrilled for this opportunity for our most vulnerable students.”


“I am so proud to see that Los Angeles Unified is expanding mentorship opportunities for our students,” Board Vice President Scott M. Schmerelson said. “I know, and the research shows, that a supportive relationship can make a world of difference for students, especially those who are falling behind, or facing difficult situations. And importantly, mentors also derive great benefit, so I wholeheartedly support this initiative.”


“Mentoring is always a value-add to our students' educational journey,” Board Member Dr. George McKenna III said. “Our children will gain the opportunity to cultivate relationships with adults who can provide exposure to new experiences and perspectives that can leave a permanent imprint on their life. I am grateful to the adults who took time to mentor me and I thank the adults who are making the effort to invest in our students.”


“I know from first-hand experience how mentors can encourage young people to leap into new experiences that benefit their academics, career aspirations and social and mental health,” Board Member Dr. Rocío Rivas said. “I look forward to seeing this initiative connect our civic community with a new generation of leaders.”


“Every child deserves to dream without limits, and this initiative will allow our students to connect with the mentorship and support they need to envision limitless opportunities for their future,” Board Member Nick Melvoin said. “We are grateful for the collaboration of our community partners to help set our students up for success.”


“The impact of a mentor can be life-changing,” Board Member Kelly Gonez said. “The Everyone Mentors LA initiative will provide those students who are most at promise with even more individualized support as they strive to reach their college and career goals.”


“Mentors play an incredibly important role in the development of our young people, and I am personally thankful for the mentorship I have received and continue to receive today,” Board Member Tanya Ortiz Franklin said. “Our students’ holistic preparation for college, career and life requires us to pay it forward and I am hopeful about the opportunity and impact of Everyone Mentors LA.” 


“Mentors and role models have played a crucial role in my life and have helped me to overcome challenges and to succeed in both my private sector and public sector roles,” Superintendent Business Advisory Council Chair David Nahai said. “I look forward to participating in the District’s work as it expands its network of mentors to support and encourage our next generation of Angelenos.”


“The Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce enthusiastically supports programs which provide guidance and encouragement to students. Business leaders have much to offer and mentorship is one small way to positively impact a student’s life,” L.A. Area Chamber President & CEO, Maria S. Salinas said. “We are excited to participate in this mentoring program.”


“As an organization rooted in uplifting the power of mentorship, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles wholeheartedly supports Los Angeles Unified’s Everyone Mentors LA initiative,” Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles President & Ceo Lauren Plichta said. “Mentorship advances critical social and emotional development needed to help build resilience, improve academic success and strengthen the mental health and well-being of thousands of students across Los Angeles.”


“Los Angeles Business Council recognizes the potential of the business community to affect change in our schools through Everyone Mentors LA,” Los Angeles Business Council President Mary Leslie said. “Our members have expertise, compassion and a shared commitment to the success of LA youth. We look forward to partnering with Superintendent Carvalho and the District on this and other important initiatives that increase student achievement.”


“The Everyone Mentors LA program is a unique opportunity to support and pour into our talented youth in Los Angeles,” City of LA’s Youth Development Department Executive Director Lisa Salazar said. “A mentorship relationship can enhance a youth's life by supporting their interests, education and well-being and guide them down a path that can change their life trajectory. We are excited to partner with Los Angeles Unified in forging these mentorship opportunities and invite our City family to participate in investing their time and wisdom with LA's youth.”


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