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Los Angeles Unified Task Force Will Convene To Support District Security Enhancement (09-08-22)

CONTACT: Shannon Haber  

September 8, 2022

Los Angeles Unified Task Force Will Convene To Support District Security Enhancement

Los Angeles, CA (September 8, 2022) – Working diligently with federal, state and local partners, Los Angeles Unified continues to make progress toward full operational stability for several core information technology services. The preliminary attendance rate for today is 93%.

Additionally, Los Angeles Unified is convening an Independent Information Technology Task Force to review all previous network audits and reports including the “Information Security Audit, Cyber Security Assessment and Internal and External Penetration Assessment,” a report published by the Office of the Inspector General in 2021. 

“I want our new taskforce to take a deep dive into the recommendations and implementation progress of this security audit,” Superintendent Alberto M. Carvalho said. “This incident has been a firm reminder that cybersecurity threats pose a real risk for our District – and districts across the nation. Los Angeles Unified’s task force will examine the viability and validity of the audit and report back with additional enhancements outlined in a final 90 day report.”

“While students and employees continue to re-authenticate their accounts, Los Angeles Unified is strengthening accounts by expediting the rollout of a multi-factor authentication process,” Superintendent Carvalho continued. “Infrastructure updates to our networks reaffirm my commitment to becoming the premier urban school district in the nation.”

As a point of clarification, compromised email credentials reportedly found on nefarious websites were unrelated to this attack, as attested by federal investigative agencies. All compromised credentials have been fully deactivated to protect network integrity.

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