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Los Angeles Unified Makes Progress Toward Full Operational Capacity After Ransomware Attack (09-07-22)

CONTACT: Shannon Haber 

September 7, 2022

Los Angeles Unified Makes Progress Toward Full Operational Capacity After Ransomware Attack

Los Angeles, CA (September 7, 2022) – Los Angeles Unified continues to work toward full operational capacity following the ransomware attack to its information technology systems, with a preliminary attendance rate of 92% today. While the District’s ability to intercept the attack by deactivating all our systems was the swift, decisive and prudent action to avoid a catastrophic breach, the recovery from the disruption has proven more challenging than initially anticipated. 

Password resets have and remain Los Angeles Unified’s biggest challenge, as students and employees must complete resets at District sites. The District has staggered password reset access to minimize congestion from simultaneous users accessing the website. Currently, employees and secondary students can reset their passwords, and the password reset process will be tentatively completed for elementary school students by tomorrow. Students enrolled in virtual academies should call the District’s hotline at ‭(213) 443-1300‬ to receive remote password reset assistance.

“Thank you to our students, families and employees for doing their part in the ongoing recovery from this weekend’s cyberattack,” Superintendent Alberto M. Carvalho said. “We understand that this has been a frustrating and confusing experience for many, and our teams are working diligently to help our community regain access to all systems as quickly as possible.”

“The Information Technology Division continues to take an all-hands-on-deck approach to addressing abnormal network activity,” Superintendent Carvalho continued. “Our team is using the best tools available to monitor the situation 24/7 and triage support, prioritizing our students, schools and central support staff. We do not currently have evidence of any new security threats. This is an ongoing investigation so we cannot offer any additional information at this time. All allegations are being directed to our national and local law enforcement partners for investigation.”

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