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Los Angeles Unified Board of Education Approves Resolution to Define and Apply Equity in the District (8-25-21)


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Los Angeles Unified Board of Education Approves
Resolution to Define and Apply Equity in the District

Board Members Ortiz Franklin and GarciaLOS ANGELES (Aug. 25, 2021) — The Los Angeles Unified Board of Education passed the “Accelerating Achievement through Equity in Action” resolution, co-authored by Board Member Tanya Ortiz Franklin and Board Member Mónica García.

The resolution commits the District toward achieving educational equity by using a multi-pronged definition of the term “equity” that recognizes that Los Angeles Unified students have been impacted by historical inequities, redistributes resources based on student need and results in closed gaps in opportunities and outcomes. It adopts an equity impact statement to provide the Los Angeles Unified Board of Education and community an analysis of how well each board item moves toward achieving equity and commits the Los Angeles Unified School District to a more transparent and comprehensive analysis of investments toward equity.

“Every board meeting, we have an opportunity to correct historic inequities and take direct action to accelerate learning for all students and especially for our highest-need students,” Board Member Tanya Ortiz Franklin said. “Without a clearly defined vision of ‘equity,’ we will continue to produce inequalities in our schools and communities. This resolution will ensure we have the common language and impact analysis to make informed decisions on how our actions will—or will not—achieve equity in Los Angeles Unified.”

"Equity in Action is essential at Los Angeles Unified on a daily basis," Board Member Mónica García said. “Equitable investment and opportunities will empower students and schools on the path toward educational justice. We expect that a yearly public review of the state of equitable funding in our district will encourage thoughtful action and transparency."

"We must center our work on our most historically underserved students, those most at promise,” Board President Kelly Gonez said. “I look forward to continued conversations about how we can make good on our commitment to give all children the excellent public education they deserve.”

“Our budget is a statement of our values, and if we truly value equity, it needs to be reflected in our budget,” Board Vice President Nick Melvoin said. “I appreciate and support our Board’s commitment to equity as a core value to ensure that we can better meet the unique needs of our local schools.”

“Equity is about all students having quality education in their own schools and not having to leave their neighborhoods to get it. Schools are the heart of connection for multi-generational communities, and policy shouldn’t undermine that stability, particularly in communities of color,” Board Member Jackie Goldberg said. Directing resources to schools where they do the most good is equitable. It’s what gives kids the education they deserve, regardless of where they live.