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Superintendent Austin Beutner Announces the Resumption of High School Athletic Competitions (3-03-21)

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Superintendent Austin Beutner Announces

The Resumption of High School Athletic Competitions 

  • All Sports Activities will be Held Outdoors
  • Athletes, Coaches and Certified Athletic Trainers Must Adhere to Strict Health and Safety Protocols

 LOS ANGELES (March 3, 2021)Superintendent Austin Beutner announced today Los Angeles Unified schools will follow new state and local guidance allowing students ages 13 and older to participate in outdoor sports competitions.

“The resumption of school sports is another step in the path to recovery for all in the school community,” Superintendent Beutner said. “After careful consideration, we have also decided to extend participation in sports to allow students to participate in California Interscholastic Federation Season 1 and Season 2 practices and competitions.”

All sport activities will be held outdoors and participation in these is voluntary. Athletes, coaches and certified athletic trainers must adhere to strict health and safety protocols which include appropriate protective equipment, masks, social distancing and informed consent by a student’s parent or guardian. Participation in weekly COVID testing is also required for all who are involved in sports.

“Allowing students to resume athletic competition is not a decision we made lightly. The spread of the virus is still categorized as widespread in Los Angeles County. At the same time, the opportunity for young adults to be with friends and teammates while participating in a sport might help ease the anxiety and isolation many are feeling. And for some, the understanding they need to remain in good academic standing may help motivate them to stay on track in their schoolwork.”

Los Angeles Unified will follow the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health guidelines and will resume the following athletic activities:

  • CIF Season 1: Cross country, football and water polo.
  • CIF Season 2: Baseball, golf, lacrosse, soccer, softball, swimming/diving, tennis, track and field and traditional game day cheer.