• Psychiatric Social Worker Application Process

  • Psychiatric Social Workers (PSW) promote early identification of students with behavioral, social, and/or emotional problems and provides opportunities for ameliorative intervention; and recommends procedures for dealing with those effects on a student’s learning and behavior. School Mental Health services are correlated with the following: increased literacy skills; improved school attendance; increased graduation rates; decreased suspensions; and lowered school dropout rates.

  • Black Student Achievement (BSAP) PSW

  • All of the foundational components are the same between BSAP PSW and general PSW (i.e. Salary Schedule, Benefits, Job Duties/Responsibilities for class code 0569).


    The areas where there are slight differences would include the job description and application process. Please see link here: BSAP PSW Job Flyer 


    Job Description-Inclusive of the class code 0569 outline, the BSAP PSW description also includes the following description: The Black Student Achievement Plan (BSAP) Psychiatric Social Worker (PSW) will serve as the mental health professional at selected school sites to promote mental wellness, academic success and address barriers to learning for students participating in BSAP. The BSAP PSW will provide targeted supports that promote critical wellness for youth, cultivate resilience in students and families participating in BSAP, and address the impact of trauma and toxic stress in communities.

    Application Process-In addition to the general PSW application process application through https://teachinla.co/applynow, the BSAP PSW application process requires a 2nd interview which addresses culturally responsive intervention and strategies.