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     Absence Management

    Donations for Catastrophic Illness


    The District’s Program of “Donations for Catastrophic Illness” offers qualifying employees who have experienced a catastrophic illness or injury an opportunity to receive donations of full-pay illness days from other co-workers. These illness donations provide the receiving employee monetary assistance, often when the need is very important.

  • FAQS

    1. I'm ill and my co-workers want to donate time to me. How do I get their donations?
    If you believe you have a catastrophic illness, please contact our office at (213)241-3954 and we can check to see if you are eligible to be in the Donations for Catastrophic Illness Program.
    2. What are the qualifications to enter the Donations for Catastrophic Illness Program?
    The qualification are as follows:
    • The employee must currently be experiencing a catastrophic illness or injury - a serious health condition causing incapacity for more than 12 consecutive weeks.
    • The 12 consecutive weeks must be currently occuring, but may be a combination of past (i.e. the employee has already been out for 5 weeks when applying for the program) and projected absence (i.e. the employee's doctor has indicated that the employee will be out for another 10 weeks due to the illness or injury)
    • The employee must be on an approved formal leave of absence of more than 20 consecutive working days, with a copy of the leave paperwork for the appropriate LAUSD personnel division submitted to the Donations for Catastrophic Illness Program.
    • The employee's site must have also designated the absence as FMLA.
    • The employee's health condition must also be confirmed by the health care provider.
    Please note: this program is intended for employees who will likely return to work.
    3. I'm about to retire. Can I donate my illness time?
    If you are already aware of a specific employee who is in need of time and is already in the Donations for Catastrophic Illness Program, then you can donate your illness time prior to your retirement date.
    Unfortunately, if you do not have a specific employee in mind, you will not be able to able to donate your time. The Program cannot "bank" any illness hours.