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     Absence Management

    Donations for Catastrophic Illness


    The District’s Program of “Donations for Catastrophic Illness” offers qualifying employees who have experienced a catastrophic illness or injury an opportunity to receive donations of full-pay illness days from other co-workers. These illness donations provide the receiving employee monetary assistance, often when the need is very important.

  • Overview

    The District has implemented this Program to allow our employees to be compassionate and caring towards another employee who is very ill due to serious, long-term medical reasons. The Program literally extends full-pay salary benefits after the full-pay benefits end.


    The recipient must currently be on a formal leave of absence for an extended period of time. The time of incapacity to qualify is 12 consecutive weeks. Other terms and conditions apply, such as the recipient must have a zero balance of full-pay illness and a zero balance of vacation. Please note, this is a once-in-a-career program.

    Once our Program staff confirms that the potential recipient meets the qualifying terms, co-workers can pledge to donate full-pay illness days. Within a short period of time, typically a few weeks after the pledge, the donating employees will need to confirm their pledges. On a written one-page form, the donor’s signature will authorize the binding and irrevocable transfer. It will then be processed for the sole purpose of assisting the specific, designated recipient.

    To review other rules, and to understand better how the process works, please click on the Terms and Conditions.

    The above summary provides an overview of the Program and does not make any guarantees regarding specific situations or potential cases. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us to learn more about the process and the formal requirements. You may email us at dci@lausd.net, or contact us by telephone at (213) 241-3954.