Integrated Disability Management 

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     Stay at Work

     Stay at Work/Return to Work

    The District has implemented a comprehensive program to keep injured and/or ill employees in gainful, productive and rewarding employment. The program enables an employee, based on competent medical opinion, to work within his/her medical restrictions until able to return to his/her usual and customary occupation. Participation in the program is mandatory for both the District and its employees.


Immediately notify your supervisor of any injury or illness and any work related restrictions. Your supervisor or administrator will initiate the process by reviewing the work restrictions and identifying transitional work with the assistance of a Return-to-Work Specialist in the Division of Risk Management & Insurance Services.

The Los Angeles Unified School District employees that are injured or ill and have been prescribed work restrictions will be required to participate in the program. The employee, the administrator and Return-to-Work Specialist will be involved in a coordinated effort to keep or return the employee to a transitional position while recovering from his/her injury or illness.

Transitional work assignments last approximately 60 working days. If work restrictions are required for longer than 60 working days or become permanent, the employee will work with a Return-to-Work Specialist to explore all options with regard to maintaining employment with the District, which may include reasonable accommodations and disability retirements benefits.

If an employee is disabled from their job at the District, but is able to do other work, they can do so as long as they notify their claims adjuster of the income so that their workers' compensation benefits can be adjusted accordingly.

No. An employee should be brought back to work as soon as possible. If they cannot perform all aspects of their job, then consideration shall be given to modified or alternative work.