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    Medical Provider Network


    LAUSD has a state approved medical provider network (MPN). A MPN is a network of physicians, specialists, and providers created to deliver expert care to injured workers. All treatment for work related injuries /illnesses must be obtained from a physician within the MPN, unless an employee has pre-designated a treating physician prior to the injury.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. What is a Medical Provider Network?

    The Medical Provider is a network of medical providers certified by the State of California Division of Workers' Compensation to provide medical care to our injured employees. It mandates treatment by those providers unless an employee pre-designated their treating physician before a work-related injury.
    In the case of an emergency, the injured employees are encouraged to seek the nearest medical emergency services.
    2. Can I pre-designate a physician after I sustain a work-related injury?

    No, you must pre-designate a physician before you sustain a work-related injury. 
    3. How do I access the Medical Provider Network (MPN) to select a physician for medical care for your work-related injury?
    You can access the Medical Provider Network website to select an initial or ongoing treatment provider within the MPNs. You can select a physician from the LAUSD MPN Referral Panel under the Workers' Compensation - Medical Provider Network - Resources and Form.
    You can also access the Medical Provider Network website, which details a comprehensive roster of medical providers within the LAUSD Medical Provider Network for work-related injuries.
    4. How do I change a treating physician within the Medical Provider Network (MPN)?
    After your initial referral and treatment, you can change treating physicians within the MPN. You can select a new physician within the Medical Provider Network if you have recurring medical treatment. Please contact your claims examiner to inform them about the physician you have selected.