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  • Chris Granado 
    Administrative Coordinator

    LAUSD Administrative Offices
    333 S Beaudry Ave 16th Floor
    Los Angeles CA 90017

    Phone 213-241-2081
    Fax 213-241-8966

    Mon - Fri 7:00am - 4:00pm

Elevate Data Quality Support

  • Accurate student data is vital in supporting personalized learning, academic assessments, and program placement and services many students may qualify for.  Information entered into MiSiS is transmitted on a regular basis to the state student data system, the California Longitudinal Pupil Assessment Data System (CALPADS).  For this reason, it is crucial to keep data as accurate as possible.

    LAUSD uses a data validation application, Elevate Data Quality (previously known as Certify), to assist in the cleanup and maintenance of student data in MiSiS.  The application streamlines the process by scanning MiSiS data twice weekly, verifying key data elements against a set of rules and then emailing reports of these data errors and other issues that need to be corrected or monitored to school data designees.

    In addition to supporting the interpretation and use of the Elevate Data Quality reports to assist schools in entering missing or errant data, we also help schools with common enrollment related data issues, including, but not limited to:

    • Incorrect or missing student ID numbers
    • Merging enrollment records in MiSiS
    • Correcting concurrent enrollments between schools
    • Fixing prior years entry or exit dates, codes