• Schoology Demo

    Welcome to the Personalized Learning Systems (PLS) Schoology Demo page.
    This page provides visitors information for accessing a demo Schoology site where you can explore many of the Schoology features included with your LAUSD account.

    With the Demo website, you can:

    • Log in as a Teacher, Student, or Parent
    • Create course materials and configure your gradebook as a teacher
    • Experiment with the Resources page as a teacher
    • Submit assignments as a student
    • View student work as a parent

    Features not available in the Demo website:

    • Access to digital applications
    • Items created in the demo environment cannot be transferred to your District district


  • Teacher/Employees

    Click on demo accounts to access a list of usernames.


    Contact the LAUSD Schoology Help Desk at 213-443-1300 to obtain a set of demo accounts to use.

    Schoology Demo Website 

    Go to
    Use the Demo account username and password
    Enter LAUSD Demo as the school name