Closing the Digital Divide in LAUSD



    All Families Connected Program Ending on June 30, 2024


    The federally funded All Families Connected (AFC) program will conclude on June 30, 2024. Please know the district is exploring alternative ways to continue supporting our families' home broadband internet needs. However, until further solutions are found, the program will end as scheduled, and district-sponsored home broadband internet service will be discontinued on June 30, 2024.

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    The Los Angeles Unified School District is working to ensure every student and employee has access to the internet connectivity needed for high-quality teaching and learning.

    We are exploring device and connectivity needs to provide the right solution for every student, every educator, and every family. Please let us know how we can best support your child by completing the Parent Acknowledgement and Device/Connectivity Request Form.

    Parents and guardians can now use a single form to request computing devices and/or connectivity services for all children enrolled in an LAUSD school.

    All families are encouraged to visit to let us know of any support needed with devices and/or internet connectivity.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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