• VPSS Overview

    The Every Student Succeeds Act has replaced the No Child Left Behind federal legislation.  As a result, VPSS will no longer be required for teachers in special settings as these teachers will have already demonstrated subject matter competence via state certification.

    This means that your participation in VPSS classes at this time is no longer required for certification for your teaching assignment.   VPSS classes will continue through June 2016.

    Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) continues to offer online VPSS classes. 

    1.   If you are interested in taking the courses with them, please go to the LACOE web page to see the schedule of classes:        http://vpss.lacoe.edu/content/ 

    2.   These classes are NOT offered by LAUSD, therefore fees must be paid by the participant.

  • For additional information, please email Rosalie Pitts at rosalie.pitts@lausd.net, or Janet Peaks at janet.peaks@lausd.net

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