Local District Northwest
  • Mission, Vision, Goals, and Core Beliefs

  • Mission
    To build academic excellence at our schools through coherence, collaboration, high expectations and accountability.
    Recognizing the diversity of learners whom we serve and the need to graduate students who possess the literacy, critical thinking, and technological skills necessary to be competitive in a 21st century global market, Local District Northwest has created a system-wide PreK-12 instructional plan to enable all students to meet A-G requirements and graduate college and career ready.
    1. All students will read at Benchmark Levels in Grades PreK-2

    2. All students will score at Proficient or above in English Language Arts and Mathematics on the SBAC in Grades 3-8, 11

    3. All English Learners will be reclassified within 5 years

    4. All students will be prepared to compete globally with 21st century skills by experiencing engaging and relevant instruction, including developing proficiencies in world languages and cultures

    5. All students will be provided with safe, educational learning environments that foster academic, social, and emotional growth at all levels and reduce the dropout rate

    6. All students will meet A-G Requirements in Grades 9-12 through the collaborative work of the Local District, schools, parents, and community

    7. 100 percent of students will graduate prepared for college and career and be provided with opportunities to be fully bilingual and biliterate


    Core Beliefs
    1. Students come first.

    2. Families and communities are our partners.

    3. Diversity is our strength.

    4. Success is in the classroom.

    5. Quality teaching, leadership, and accountability are the keys to our success.