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Mission Statement

  • Welligent Support Section is committed to providing professional development, support and guidance to all users in a timely, appropriate, outcome-based and measurable manner in the implementation of Special Education policies and legal mandates in the use of the Welligent Management system. 


System Responsibilities

  • Welligent is a District-wide web-based software system used for online IEPs and tracking of related services (such as speech and language, physical therapy, vision and hearing screenings, nursing services, etc.) provided to students during the course of their education. Welligent allows administrators to monitor IEP timelines and service delivery, and generate reports to ensure compliance with special education laws and regulations. Welligent is also a behind-the-scenes billing system that electronically invoices Medi-Cal and other insurance companies to seek reimbursement for services delivered to students. 

Welligent Support

  • For help with the Welligent application call the ITD Helpdesk at 213-241-5200 and press:
    • 4 (Passwords) to reset your password.
    • 5 (Student Information Systems), then 2 (IEP or Service Tracking).
    • 2 (Equipment Problems) for help with your computer or printer.

    Get support for less urgent issues by emailing: welligentsupport@lausd.net