• Office of the Inspector General     

    "Independence, objective, oversight"

     Office of the Inspector General

    The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) reports directly to the Board of Education (Board) to provide the necessary independence to deliver objective audit and investigative services to the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). The OIG has a highly educated professional staff who is diligent and committed to providing quality services to benefit all elements of the District. 


    In August 1998, the Board began the process of establishing a department within the LAUSD whose mission would be to detect and prevent fraud, waste and abuse in District operations and programs. The Board combined auditors and investigators and adopted the name Office of the Inspector General.

    California Education Code Sections 35400 and 35401 grant the OIG statutory authority to perform some of its most critical functions. The OIG’s statute:

    Established the OIG’s authority to (i) conduct audits and investigations and (ii) report matters to the local district attorney or the Attorney General for further action.

    Granted the OIG power to (i) subpoena witnesses, (ii) administer oaths or affirmations, (iii) take testimony, and (iii) compel the production of all information and documentary evidence deemed material and relevant.

    Provided confidentiality of (i) every investigation, including all investigative files and work‐product and (ii) the identity of the individual or individuals involved.

    Imposed penalties for (i) any disclosure of information by the inspector general or that office that was acquired pursuant to a subpoena, and (ii) any person that, after the administration of an oath or affirmation, states or affirms as true any material matter that he/she knows to be false.

    The OIG is comprised of auditors, investigators and other professional staff who have the authority to examine all functions within the LAUSD and those of private entities that do business with the LAUSD.

    The Audit Unit conducts audits and evaluations that cover a wide range of programs, processes, functions, areas and topics.    

    The Investigations Unit investigates allegations of improper or illegal activities by LAUSD employees, contractors or other entities doing business with the LAUSD. 

    The OIG also takes a proactive role by performing due diligence reviews to help reduce the risk of doing business, improve contract and employment decisions, and to promote greater accountability and effectiveness.