Physical Education Program

  • Senior High School Physical Education
    Physical Education Standards
    The physical education standards identify what students in each grade level are to know and be able to do.


    Physical Education Framework
    The physical education framework provides sample lessons, content and resources for teachers on how to teach the standards in each grade level.


    Developmentally Appropriate Practices
    The following grid includes developmentally appropriate and inappropriate practices in elementary, middle and high school physical education classes. The grid organizes the practices into five separate sections: 1. Learning environment, 2. Instruction Strategies, 3. Curriculum, 4. Assessment, 5. Professionalism.


    Physical Education Course Descriptions
    Physical Education Course, Credentialing and Graduation Requirements, with course numbers:


    Maintaining Aquatic Safety in Schools Having Swimming Pools
    Students' safety is a primary concern in aquatics programs. Bulletin 1454.2 clarifies the District’s policy regarding safety regulations for the instructional aquatic programs conducted in elementary, secondary, and adult schools, and for interscholastic aquatic teams. The student water safety test for swimming and diving is in the bulletin.