Promising Practices

  • Welcome to the Charter Schools Division’s Promising Practices page!

    What is a Promising Practice?

    A Promising Practice is a specific educational, fiscal or operational practice that results in success. Sometimes referred to as a “best practice,” it serves as an effective and innovative model for other schools in the District and in the charter community as well as nationwide. Key features of a Promising Practice include a solid research base, systematic implementation, and recognition by experts and practitioners in the field.


    Our Purpose

    Our aim is to showcase and support Promising Practices within the portfolio of independent and affiliated charter schools authorized by the Los Angeles Unified School District. Two key strategies involve leveraging technology via our webpage and hosting podcasts and Meet-and-Greets for charter leaders and District personnel. For the success of all youth, we wish to encourage authentic use of and engagement with interactive and archival resources that serve as media for sharing effective practices.

    Our purpose aligns with two key goals of the Charter Schools Act of 1992: encouraging the use of different and innovative teaching methods and creating new professional opportunities for teachers. In fulfilling these goals, we recognize the importance of also sharing effective fiscal and operational practices – both of which help to sustain effective teaching and learning.


    Who We Are

    Our team includes dedicated and experienced educators, administrators, fiscal experts and operational leaders. Our charge is to promote exemplary practices and, to that end, we seek to collect and share what works for all students across the system and to help forge active connections among professionals in our field. 

  • How do I submit a

    Promising Practice?


    Describe one or two of your school’s promising practices.  Include in your description how you determine the success of the practice(s).  Please do not describe your entire educational program.  Your submission must address these guided questions: 


    1. What is the Promising Practice?

    2. How has the Promising Practice positively impacted the school?

    3. How is the effectiveness of the Promising Practice measured?

    4. How do you propose sharing this practice with other school leaders?


    For context, you may also include your school’s mission and vision and any additional information relevant to your school’s Promising Practice.


    Email your submission to the Charter Schools Division

    Attention: Dr. Gina Hughes, at


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  • In promoting promising practices, the  Charter Schools Division (CSD) does not endorse any practice in particular. The CSD neither guarantees success in the replication of certain practices nor deems a practice  “proven” because it is featured on our webpage. The CSD does, however, intend to disseminate practices shared by schools that contribute to fulfilling our mission of ensuring all students maximize their potential.