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    To better serve schools, parents and the community, the Division of Special Education has two types of Special Education Service Centers: (1) Operations and (2) Instruction.  All requests for assistance and support to either Operations or Instruction, from any location and for any purpose, should go to the Call Center at (213) 241-6701.


    The Special Education Call Center will assist you in connecting with the Special Education Service Center to best support you.


    The Special Education Service Center-Operations performs the following operational functions:

    1. Implement IEP team placement decisions.

    2. Arrange transportation services, including addressing specialized student needs and planning for future transportation needs.

    3. Provide technical assistance with implementation of the Welligent Integrated System at school sites. 

    4. Provide technical assistance processing assistant/trainee positions.

    5. Make need-based decisions regarding opening/closing programs.

    The Special Education Service Center-Instruction provides the following instructional support functions:

    1. Consult and monitor instruction programs for students with disabilities.

    2. Collect data and provide feedback to inform planning for effective instruction and improved student achievement.

    3. Facilitate collaborative, data-based discussion for support of individual students with disabilities in accordance with their IEP.

    4. Offer technical support for instructional programs.

    5. Support implementation of Positive School-wide Behavior Support Plans.


    Other Units


    1. The Due Process, Related Services, Compliance, Charter, and Private School units will continue to provide the services and functions as they have in the past. Contact these units through the Call Center at (213) 241-6701.

    2. The Complaint Response Unit/Parent Resource Network (CRU/PRN) will continue to provide services and functions as it has in the past. Contact with this unit will continue to be through their existing telephone number: (213) 241-6701.


    Please visit the Division of Special Education Website: http://sped.lausd.net for information about special education in LAUSD, including the special education process, policies and procedures, sources of support and assistance, and much more.

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