Equity Multiplier Funding

  • The LCFF Equity Multiplier is a new state funding program providing additional funds to schoolsites meeting nonstability and socioeconomically disadvantaged student thresholds in the prior year. Considered a separate state funding source, Other State Funds, allocated outside of LCFF entitlement, Equity Multiplier funds are used to implement evidence-based services and supports for students at eligible schoolsites and address student groups that have the lowest performance level (e.g., Red) on one or more state indicators on the California School Dashboard. For additional information on the LCFF Equity Multiplier, please visit: https://www.cde.ca.gov/fg/aa/lc/equitymultiplier.asp


    Seventy-one schools were determined in 2023-24 to be eligible to receive LCFF Equity Multiplier funds for use beginning in 2024-25. The California Department of Education (CDE) published the list of eligible schools in late-February 2024. In total, the 71 District schools were allocated $21.2 million and have two years to expend the funds. Note: Eligible schools are determined annually by the California Department of Education. For information on allowable uses of Equity Multiplier funding, please visit: https://www.cde.ca.gov/fg/aa/lc/equitymultiplier.asp#Allowable


    Please click HERE for the list of the District’s eligible schools. 

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