Acceleration Days
  • Exploration and Discovery

  • Enrich your student’s education with exciting classes focused on technology, engineering, arts, culture and the humanities. With additional time dedicated to instruction, Acceleration Days provide opportunities to enrich and bolster your student’s education with hands-on and interactive learning opportunities at school. 

    Here's a brief sample of some of our enrichment activities offered during Acceleration Days:


  • Teacher and student working together.

  • Hands-On STEAM

    Want to learn more about the factors that affect biodiversity? Have you ever wanted to extract DNA from a strawberry to learn more about its cellular structure? Students will get hands-on experience in science, technology, engineering, the arts and math with fun projects that explore scientific principles.


    As a universal form of communication and expression, dance serves as an integral part of every student's education. Our dance programs will allow students to create, observe and appreciate dance as a means of individual expression and exercise.

  • A smiling student.

  • Arts and Culture

    Learn more about the arts! Students will have the opportunity to explore theatre, music, visual and media arts with engaging workshops through a standards-based visual and performing arts curriculum.

    Writing Workshops

    With lessons designed to create a positive writing experience, these workshops will offer literature-rich instruction that will challenge students to develop effective dialogue, figurative language, characterization techniques and much more.


    Learn more about Acceleration Days:

  • Parents and guardians may register their child by contacting their student's school of regular attendance. If you need assistance or have additional questions, please call 213.443.1300.