Budget Planning 2023-2024

  • The school budget must be based on the assessed needs of participating students as determined in the comprehensive needs assessment and detailed in the consolidated school plan to improve student achievement. The most efficient use of resources which support the plan and students' access to the core curriculum should be the rule. The budget should demonstrate a clear relationship between the planned supplemental instructional program and the planned expenditures. Schools are advised to restructure budget expenditures if students are not showing signs of academic improvement.

Program and Budget Handbook - Online

SPSA Program and Budget Handbook

The School Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) Program and Budget Handbook has been designed to support school teams in developing high-quality school plans and to align the school’s federal resources (i.e., Title I and Title III) to strategies and actions for improving student academic achievement.

The SPSA Program and Budget Handbook includes budgeting guidelines and terms, a helpful Budget-at-a-Glance section that lists frequently funded items by program indicating under which programs they may be purchased, and other useful resources.

In addition to the Handbook, we encourage schools to visit the Federal and State Education Programs (FSEP) website (http://fsep.lausd.net) for access to tools designed to support the analysis of data and the identification of root causes and evidence-based interventions.

Regional Title I Coordinators and English Learner Coordinators along with staff in the Federal and State Education Programs (FSEP) and Multilingual Multicultural Education Department (MMED) offices are available to provide assistance to schools on developing schools plans that maximize resources to best support English learners and students not yet proficient on California content standards.

Finally, we welcome your comments and suggestions on how we can better support you in your efforts to ensure our students are well on their way to being college and career ready.

Please check the FSEP website throughout the school year for any updates to the Program and Budget Handbook.

Download Program and Budget Handbook (PDF)

    For additional information, please contact Gerardo Cervantes at (213) 241-6990 or
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