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  • Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression (SOGIE)

    This group of Advisory Lessons focuses introduces themes necessary to curate inclusive and affirming classrooms.   

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    How to Start a GSA in 10 Steps

    Names and Pronouns

    Names and Pronouns - Asynchronous with Cristina Vigil, LCSW

    Stonewall - Learn about the uprising that sparked the creation of PRIDE 

    2 Spirit - Engage students in learning, dialogue and reflection on the history of Indigenous 2 Spirit history, and the impact of colonization.  

    LGBT Etiquette

    All Are Welcome - Engage students to learn about how to create SOGIE affirming classrooms 

    Same Love

    Gender Roles

    Elliot Page - Introduces students to the world famous actor who came out as transgender in 2020. 

    Harvey Milk - Introduces students to LGBT Activist and politician. 

    Sylvia Rivera - Introduces students to Transgender Rights Activist 

    Marsha P Johnson - Introduces students to Transgender Rights Activist. 

    Jeanne Manford - Introduces students to LGBT Rights Activist and the founder of PFLAG. 

    Pauli Murray - Introduces students to LGBT and Civil Rights Activist who broke many barriers and is often overlooked in history. 

    Layshia Clarendon - Introduces students to WNBA star who came out as transgender in 2020 and received praise and support from their contemporaries. 

    Caster Semenya - Introduces students to the Olympic Athlete who changed history in her battle to eliminate gender policing in the Olympics. 


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