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  • Stories of Excellence

    This group of Advisory Lessons follows the unique stories of individuals who have made significant contributions to society.  

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  • Womxn In Power

    Janet Yellen - Meet the first woman to hold the position of US Secretary of the Treasury. 

    Vice President Kamala Harris - Introduces students to the first female Vice President in the United States. 

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg - Introduces students to the late Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg who tirelessly fought for women's rights throughout her career. 


    Social Justice

    Stacey Abrams - Introduces students to the voters' rights activist who fought voter suppression in Georgia and around the country, ultimately influencing the 2020 elections. 

    Little Miss Flint - Introduces students to Amariyanna Copeny who is credited with bringing awareness to the Flint Water Crisis.

    Dan Ponder Jr. - Introduces students to the legislator from Georgia who is responsible for helping to pass legislation for harsher penalties for hate crimes in the state. 

    Cicely Tyson - Introduces students to the illustrious actress and activist who refused to succumb to the stereotypes Hollywood tried to place on Black women. 

    Cesar Chavez - Introduces students to the man who helped organize farm workers to fight for their rights. 

    Fred Hampton - Introduces students to the Civil Rights Activists they rarely learn about in history class. 

    Rob Bonta - Introduces students to the first Filipino American to Serve in the CA Legislature 



    Demi Lovato - Learn about the young activist and champion for mental health awareness and LGBTQ+ rights. 

    Mauree Turner - Introduces the first publicly non-binary U.S. state lawmaker and the first Muslim member of the Oklahoma Legislature.

    Stella Keating - Meet the young transgender student who was invited to speak at President Biden's address to Congress 

    Elliot Page - Introduces students to the world famous actor who came out as transgender in 2020. 

    Harvey Milk - Introduces students to LGBT activists and politicians. 

    Sylvia Rivera - Introduces students to Transgender Rights Activist 

    Marsha P Johnson - Introduces students to Transgender Rights Activists. 

    Jeanne Manford - Introduces students to LGBT Rights activists and the founder of PFLAG. 

    Pauli Murray - Introduces students to LGBT and Civil Rights activists who broke many barriers and are often overlooked in history.  

    Caster Semenya - Introduces students to the Olympic athlete who changed history in her battle to eliminate gender policing in the Olympics. 

  • Transgender Athletes

    Layshia Clarendon - Introduces students to WNBA star who came out as transgender in 2020 and received praise and support from their contemporaries.

    Mack Beggs & Andraya Yearwood

    Charlie Martin

    Chris Mosier


    Making History

    Carson Pickett - Learn about the first athlete with a limb difference to play for the United States Women's National Soccer Team! 

    Mellody Hobson - Meet the first Black woman to be chairperson of an S&P 500 company. 

    Dana Canedy - Dana Canedy is the first African American to head a major U.S. publishing company.  

    Kathy Sullivan - Meet the first woman to complete a space walk and reach the deepest part of the ocean!

    Sarah Fuller - Introduces students to the first woman to play football in the Southeastern Conference. 

    Kim Ng - Introduces Kim Ng, a person of Chinese descent, who is the first woman executive in Major League Baseball.

    Amanda Gorman - Introduces students to the African American poet from Los Angeles who recited a poem at the Inauguration of President Joe Biden. 

    Guion Bluford - Introduces students to the first Black astronaut. 

    Charlotte Nebres - Introduces students to the first Black lead in the Nutcracker Ballet.

    Garrett Morgan - Introduces students to Black American inventor. 

    Zaila Avant-Garde - Introduces students to the first Black American to win the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

    Margaret Chase Smith - Introduces students to the first ever woman to run for President on a major political party ticket.


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