About the Charter Schools Division


    L.A. Unified will be a progressive global leader in education, providing a dynamic and inspiring learning experience where all students graduate ready for success.



    The LAUSD Charter Schools Division fosters high quality educational opportunities and outcomes for students in the greater Los Angeles community through exemplary charter public school authorizing, oversight, and sharing of promising practices so that all students maximize their potential.
    We believe that our success depends on:
    • Making decisions that put the interests of students first.
    • Serving with high expectations, integrity, professionalism, and commitment.
    • Employing authentic, responsive, and effective leadership and teamwork.
    • Continuously learning as a dynamic organization.
    • Building and sustaining a healthy workplace culture where high performance, diversity, and creativity thrive.
    • Developing productive relationships with our charter schools and all stakeholders.
    Brief History of the Charter Schools Division

    In 1993, the LAUSD designated specific staff to provide oversight to charter schools to ensure that each charter school operates in compliance with all applicable laws and terms of its charter.
    Charter Schools Division Responsibilities:
    CSD Roles
    The charter authorizing entity is responsible for ensuring the charter school operates in compliance with all applicable laws and terms of its charter.  EC Section 47604.32 identified the duties of a charter authorizing entity.
    Specifically, the charter authorizing entity must:
    1. Identify at least one staff member as a contact person for the charter school
    2. Visit each charter school at least annually
    3. Ensure that each charter school under its authority complies with all reports required of charter schools by law
    4. Monitor the fiscal condition of each charter school under its authority
    5. Provide timely notification to the California Department of Education (CDE) if the charter is granted or denied, if the charter is revoked, or if the charter school will cease operation for any reason


    Organizational Structure and Staff

    The Charter Schools Division (CSD) manages, coordinates, and administers the activities related to the District's efforts in developing, approving, overseeing, and renewing Charter Schools as required by law. The CSD reports to Veronica Arreguin, Chief Strategy Officer, in the Office of the Chief Strategy Officer.

    The CSD staff role is to review, process, and provide recommendations to the Board to approve or deny charter petitions in open board meetings on a monthly basis for new and renewing charter school petitions.  The staff performs oversight functions and provides support for District-authorized charter schools.

    How the Charter Schools Division has positively impacted the LAUSD
    1. Support the District's Strategy to have a robust portfolio of school choices for parents and students
    2. Hold schools accountable for results
    3. Serve as a national leader as the largest District authorized of charter schools in the nation
    4. Following are some examples of key accomplishments resulting from our work to help build transparency and clarity for charter operators: