IT Asset Management System Support (Remedy)

  • IT Asset Management Support is now available in Remedy! This form is to request assistance with IT Asset Management related issues including asset visibility and additions, check-in rooms, asset tag bar-codes, Focus reports, asset check-out, asset management instructions, etc.

    You may select one of the following when submitting a request:

    • Add IDM assignment to location
    • Remove IDM assignment from location
    • Restore IDM assignment to location
    • Unable to access Focus reports
    • Unable to check-in assets into inventory
    • Discrepancies in the Focus reports
    • Student/Employee not found when checking out devices
    • Add check-in rooms to a location
    • Provide Asset Tag bar-codes
    • I have questions about IT Asset Management
    • Apple Repair/ Replacement



    Join our Schoology group to stay connected with the Asset Management team and other Instructional Device Managers (IDMs). This is a community to share ideas, recommendations, and solutions for issues encountered with tracking and managing devices at your site.

    Join us on Schoology by following steps below:

    1. Go to Schoology and log in with Single Sign On (SSO)
    2. Click on Groups
    3. Select My Groups
    4. Click Join a Group
    5. Enter access code: 7378-SBS8-VTG4M



    A monthly newsletter is distributed on the last day of each month to highlight the most current IT Asset Management related news, Remedy updates, upcoming projects, and more.

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    Help Desk

    To speak to a live agent for technical support, contact the ITS Help Desk by visiting or calling (213) 241-5200.


    Contact IT Asset Management

    Email our team directly at