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    Attendance Matters

    Attendance matters for students, and it also matters for staff.

    The District’s Attendance Policy adopted by the Board of Education on July 13, 2004 states that the Board expects “Employees to maintain regular attendance and avoid absenteeism”. At the same time “Illness leaves are provided to ease the financial burden on employees who are unavoidably required to be absent from duty due to legitimate illness, injury or personal necessity”.

Attendance matters at LAUSD because regular attendance of both certificated and classified emloyees support the District's efforts to give all of our students a quality education.

Attendance data is refreshed each weekend.  Any adjustments made to your attendance in the previous week will be reflected in the new attendand rate.

If you have questions about your absences, please contact your time reporter.

If you have questions about your attendance rate, send an email with your name, employee ID # and your questions to staffattendance@lausd.net

You can find information about wellness at https://achieve.lasud.net/Page/6685