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    Attendance Matters

    Attendance matters for students, and it also matters for staff.

    The District’s Attendance Policy adopted by the Board of Education on July 13, 2004 states that the Board expects “Employees to maintain regular attendance and avoid absenteeism”. At the same time, “Illness leaves are provided to ease the financial burden on employees who are unavoidably required to be absent from duty due to legitimate illness, injury or personal necessity”.


    You play an important role in making a difference for your team and LAUSD students.

    As a dedicated staff member, you can TRACK YOUR OWN ATTENDANCE and carry out the following:

    • Make every effort to schedule personal appointments or obligations outside of work hours. Click below for a 2019-2020 Planning Calendar. 


    • Seek solutions to issues that may affect your ability to maintain regular attendance. Click here for the Reasonable Accommodations website. 


    • Understand the impact your absence has on the people at work and students at LAUSD. Click here to view the Employee Attendance Management Video.  


    • Monitor your attendance in the Employee Self Service Portal. Click here to access the Portal.  Click here to view the guide for accessing the Employee Self Service, if needed. 


    • Take care of your emotional and physical health. Click here for detailed information about Wellness and resources that are available to you as an LAUSD employee. 


    • Be aware of workplace safety:
      • Click here for the Accident Prevention PowerPoint Presentation on Slips, Trips and Falls
      • Click here to view the Safety Smarts Training video