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    Attendance Matters

    Attendance matters for students, and it also matters for staff.

    The District’s Attendance Policy adopted by the Board of Education on July 13, 2004 states that the Board expects “Employees to maintain regular attendance and avoid absenteeism”. At the same time “Illness leaves are provided to ease the financial burden on employees who are unavoidably required to be absent from duty due to legitimate illness, injury or personal necessity”.


    The District’s goal is for every employee to be at work 100% of the time.   The 2023 - 2024 target attendance rate for each employee is 96% or higher.

  • Attendance Formula


    Workable Hours
    The number of days you are scheduled to work each year (refer to your Basis Calendar) X number of hours you are scheduled to work each day minus Paid Time Off.

    Paid Time Off
    Paid Time Off includes hours for Vacation, Holidays, Annual Physical and Bereavement.

    Protected Hours
    Protected hours are absences from work that are protected by State and/or Federal statutes. These statutes include: Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA); California Family Rights Act (CFRA); Pregnancy Disability Leave (PDL); Paid Parental Leave (PPL); Jury Duty; Kin Care; and Personal Necessity (School Activities, Religious holidays, and some Court appearances).


    96% attendance is equivalent to about:

     10 unprotected absences for A Basis
       9 unprotected absences for E Basis
       8 unprotected absences for B Basis
       7 unprotected absences for C Basis


    Questions about your Attendance Rate?  Contact us at staffattendance@lausd.net